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Snail Feeding?

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Whatever you feed your fish or other snails should be fine.  But, make sure you target feed them as well as any other members of your clean up crew.   Algae wafers- cucumbers- zucchini- any sinking pellet food and so no.

Good Luck

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My nerite does not eat anything I feed.  He may have nibbled a green bean a few times because of odd chew marks on the bean but I have never seen it. If you do not have a lot of biofilm and soft algae they do not fare well is my understanding.  I never clean the back wall of his tank. It is downright gross looking but every day I see his new tracks so I know he eats well. 

I feed repashy, extreme bottom wafers, 

veggies steamed softer than for my pleco but not super mushy : green beans, red,green,yellow and orange bell peppers, (not the hot peppers I fear the oils burning them), baby carrots, zucchini, broccoli stalks, kale, spinach, mustard greens.  I leave a veggie in the tank at all times as they are grazers as well as my plecos every 24 hours I replace with a new veggie.  I also toss in a zoomed nano spirulina block from ACO now and again.  I only occasionally see my nerite but my mystery snails are clowns and very active. 



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Nerites often won't eat more than just algae whereas mystery snails need a varied diet. It's great to feed them blanched veggies and green beans but they also need protein. One of the best commercially made foods for them is crab cuisine by Hikari. It has both the protein and calcium they need. I feed them this, veggies, shrimp pellets (mostly for the cories but they also take some), and algae wafers

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They need some calcium for their shells. Look for "Snello" recipes online for DIY ideas. Some people powder eggshells (bake them first) to put in the tank, but I have found that to be too messy, and it's hard to get the shells into a powder. You want a powder so that the snails don't cut themselves on sharp edges. It is easier to drop a piece of unflavored cuttlebone (sold in the bird section) into the tank for them, but you may have to weigh it down with a rock if it wants to float.  I also give my snails algae wafers or vegetables. The mystery snail likes zucchini, squash, carrot, red cabbage, green beans (canned, no salt, organic if you can find it). Any fresh vegetables will need to be boiled 15-20 minutes because they need to be very soft for the snail to eat.


This is the only time I ever saw the nerite eat anything besides algae or glass slime (he is eating zucchini).


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