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Best Hillstream Loach?

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I want to get a kind of hillstream loach for my "Algae Free" Community setup and want to know, which is your favourite? In terms of hardiness, algae eating, diet, just all this stuff.

P.S. Im looking for something i can get 1 or 2, and stays between 2to3in

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Borneo loach has a very subtle baby blue coloration at times. Very beautiful.

There is a lot of good videos by Racheal O'Leary. I'd recommend enjoying her breakdowns on the different species and then go from there.

My store locally managed to get the Borneo variety, not the RHSL species.


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There are also some lizard loaches starting to make their way into the trade that are labeled as hillstreams. Different demeanor and look but still great algae and biofilm eaters. A comment I would like to make though in my time (limited) observing them. Like otos they seem to prefer mature mats of algae over the diatomic stuff growing on the side of glass.


Alligator Hillstream Loach (Homalopteroides tweediei) - Aquatic Arts on  sale today for $ 27.99 |


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