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Potentially diseased Dwarf Gourami


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I added this male dwarf gourami to my 18-gallon a couple of weeks ago. Up until this morning, he had been perfectly healthy and swimming fine. However, this morning I woke up and saw he was swimming a little strange, when I went to take a closer look I saw a strange lump sort of thing under his mouth. It also appears that his gills are inflamed almost. I did a water change after taking the photos. This is my first time keeping gouramis and if anyone knows what this might be it would be great if you could inform me about it.

Water parameters: 

Nitrate: ~20 ppm
Nitrite: ~0 ppm
Ammonia: ~ 0 ppm
pH: 7
KH: ~ 40 ppm
GH: ~ 80 ppm



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I forgot to put water parameters
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Unfortunately, due to overbreeding dwarf gouramis are plagued by a variety of health issues.  I wish I could be encouraging, or offer some advice for fixing it, but I doubt if there's much you can do (other than avoiding them in the future).  Fortunately, the other gourami species don't have the same issues.

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