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Old test kit found. Still good?


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I found this old test kit in my "Tub of fish stuff". All the bottles expired 2017. Are they still ok to use? Or don't waste my time. I am headed to the Co-Op here in a couple hours. Was gonna test my water before I go. I normally don't test and honestly neglect my tanks until something doesn't look right or something dies. I want to be better at not doing that I figure better regular maintenance and regular testing is probably a real good start at being better with my water pets and their habitats.

So do I use the old test kit or don't bother and get testing stuff later from the store?


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The reagents do go “bad”. Honestly whatever result it gives you can’t be trusted. 
I’m envious your near the Coop! Pick up the strips when your there. I think they work pretty well, though I’m with you on the testing department. That’s prob why one pack of strips seems to be lasting me a looooonngg time. 

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