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Anyone know what can suddenly cause an S curve?


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When it was first noticed a day ago, she was floating on her side with the curve. Did a 50% water change and an epsom salt bath. Today she’s upright but still curved. She’s eating fine and even jumps for her treat. 



pH: 7.8-8

NO3: ~5ppm

NO2: 0

NH3/4: 0

GH: off the charts high

KH: ~120+ppm

Temp: 78°F


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The most common issue would be over feeding in which it causes the stomach to inflate, pretty common with over feeding pellets. It could also be a sign of dropsy where the body swells, also causing a curve. It's possibly tuberculosis where the other organs are swelling causing a mostly upward curve.  Or even that she got stressed and is tensed up. In the worst case scenario in my opinion, it is betta tuberculosis. Bettas also like softer water, and with your high gh it could be a little stressful. 

I personally find that bettas that suffers from dropsy or TB don't make it out unscathed. Often times they can never fully recover to the point of living a happy life. If you could provide some more photos, that would be greatly appreciated. Right now it looks like she does not have pineconing scales which is good because that's the most common sign of dropsy. You could try fasting her for a day after feeding a little bit (size of her eye) of a unshelled pea that is cooked in hot water to see if she improves. 

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