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JonJon’s Blue Dragon Breeding program


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Today I worked aquarium maintenance for 4 hours or more.  The day shot away from me as I performed water changes in all four aquariums, and separated fish where I felt they needed to go.   

.   Here is my favorite home bred male.  He is a cross between a blue dragon male and a purple dragon ribbon fin female.  He is larger than his father (trait I’m breeding for) and a deep indigo blue with snake skin body, metal saddle and a gorgeous half moon tail with a flash of deep gold

not all his colors and detail came thru the picture.   


He will be bred to two Blue Dragon females I purchased recently   
These are in a 10 gallon aquarium.   The male will be removed after a couple weeks

Here s the trio in their own ten gallon aquarium   


Below is another ten gallon aquarium I recently rescaped for a different strain of Blue Dragon guppies

These are home bred Ribbon fin females.  These are the sisters of the male above  they are half Blue Dragon and half purple dragon ribbon fin cross.  Their size is better than what I started with and I love their form.  I  think they look wonderful.  They have been moved into this tank to acclimate them while they finish maturing.  They will be bred back to their father.


Here is the father in an earlier photo   


That is the plan for now.  Though when time comes I might choose one of the other sibling males to mate with these females If one matures out as well as the father.
Will update in a couple weeks or when a change is noticed.

Let me know what you think

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Your fish are so colorful. I can't wait to hear how breeding goes. Here are some things to watch out for.

Make sure you know what to do with all of the fry. Your tank is big enough for the bettas now, but when you start breeding them, just make sure you have a plan.

Next, watch out for inbreeding. Inbreeding could lead to slower growth and sensitivity in some of the fry.

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Well its been two weeks since I separated the guppies for breeding. 

I lost one of the female guppies when she swam into the symphon tube during a water change.  Dang!!
the other female Already has  fry!
I’m not happy about this because it tells me the female was pregnant before the separation.  Even though she came from a female only tank.  
So I had to review the female only tank and found a juvenile male that looked like a female.  In fact he looks exactly like a smaller version of the female in the pic! So I found the culprit but the line breeding program is over before it even started.  Man, am I bummed.

The trio of females in the other tank look as if they could be pregnant as well even though there is not yet a male guppy in there.   That little snot got around I tell you.   

So I’m unsure where to go from here.  These are not fry I want since the culprit male is very dull, plain,and has a very small tail.  Like I said he looks like a female.  Tried to get a pic of him but he is now in the male only show tank. 

I’ll have to go back to the drawing board as they say, and wait to see which females I have left that are not pregnant.  Looking at a minimum of thirty days. 
I wonder if the 4 months is long enough to re-use the original female shown in the pic?  Time will tell I guess.   
In the mean time a good culling is in order and it’s going to be difficult since all my guppies have been bred and raised here at home except the females used in the first tank mentioned above.  



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