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Tiger Lotus growing TOO well

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I have a Tiger Lotus bulb. I got it from ACO about 9 months ago. It took 3 weeks to show any signs of new growth, about 2 months before it's first pad, then it was about every 2-3 weeks per pad which got progressively larger from an inch each to 4.5+ inches. It slowly sped up until about a month ago to a rate of 1 pad per week, and a grand total of 4 bulbs in the system, and all of the pads were off of the second bulb as well as bulbs 3 and 4 were connected to the second. The one I bought basically grew a few leaves, sent out a big baby, and is relatively dormant now (not a problem)

This month though things got intense. The 3rd bulb in the system began throwing up pads. The 2nd now makes a pad every 3-4 days, this new one is sending 1-1.5 inch pads every 7-10 days already. Aside from that the second bulb also had sent out a 5th bulb. These past few weeks The second bulb sent out FOUR MORE bulbs, and the new one up front sent out a baby already as well and is quickly claiming the 3rd largest size, just behind the original at marbled sized.
Any advice on what to do about this crazy growth? I love the plant, but I don't want it to take over everything.

Probably not coincidental, but the crypt Luscens is going mad too. There's 4 of them planted. Two of the small ones send out a baby, and the big one in the center was the size of the rest around the beginning of April(it may be multiple sprouts now but it's too dense to see)
There has been change, but not an insane amount. Haven't changed water or cleaned the sponges in over 2 months, last liquid fert was about 6 weeks ago, last root tabs for the crypts was around Christmas. I have never gravel vac-ed since setting up in August. There was a change of - what the forum helped me identify to be - seed shrimp in a thriving colony in the gravel, especially by the bulbs.

No description available.

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You can train them if you want to be at different levels. If you cut them back to a certain level they will tend to stay there for a period and as long as you continue to clip the ones that get to the surface they'll stay there. It could be cool to have the 3 bulbs at different levels. Enjoy and great husbandry. Have fun!

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