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Co-Op Channel Videos - What do you want to see?


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I can't post a poll, but I was sitting here watching one of the old podcast videos and something that was said really gave me an idea of a series or video I would think a lot of people would enjoy.

The phrase used was Cory talking to Lamont and he said, "This is how I try to explain it to customers in the store..."

My experience personally is that I go to the big box store, don't have a local shop.  I don't get to have conversations about topics that generally get asked in a store setting.  I could only imagine if Cory or anyone who was passionate spent a day at the shop talking with customers and answering their questions with care. I know it's a business and some people just don't want to be on camera. For me personally it would be a great video or series of videos. Maybe that is why I have always enjoyed his fishroom vlog series videos!


I want to ask everyone, what video concept do you have that you think would be interesting? Something that generally hasn't been done preferred.


Second, vote on what you prefer as a viewer!

1. Sit down conversation (podcast style)

2. Live stream, Q&A

3. Location Tours of setups, manufacturing, stores, etc.

4. Travel and Events coverage (vlog style longer content without any specific goal, but it does take you along for the journey)

5. Fish room work and talking

6. Shorter style informative content

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Going from 0 to 500: Beginner Aquarist to Master Breeder. Every species bred to get there, documented and filmed in a single long video 60 minutes. I’d watch it a dozen times over.

I like it when Cory, Dean, and friends talk together at tanks. Not sure what style that is…

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All of the above.


I've been the customer that shares knowledge, and for the past few years shares links to Cory's videos. I am satisfied simply because the people sharing (Cory, Dean & crew) are enjoying themselves. 

Compersion is a beautiful thing, and not enough people get the opportunity to grow their compersion muscles, you know?

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