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13 minutes ago, Streetwise said:

I think Cory said he had a kid.


Another hobby of mine is bird watching. When I told one of my birding buddies my wife and I were having our first child, his reaction was, “Awesome, see you in about 18 years!” Thought he was kidding. But nope.

That was eight years ago. Pretty much been at home with kids and aquariums since.

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@Whiskers76, Have seen most of the videos.  From the number of 'tank talk' episodes, to viewing his personal aquariums.  I especially like the shows on plant\fertilizer tutorial, sponge filters, filtration, product comparisons, making Repashy & many others.  

He is very knowledgeable & hope he & @Cory, will make additional videos in the future.  I often thought they both make a great team together.   👍


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