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Weekly Deaths!


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Hello, I’m fairly new to the hobby and had great success in my first year with my community tank but suddenly I’m having a fatality every week and I don’t know why! I don’t think I’ve changed anything other than adding two frogbit plants. Anyone got any suggestions, my testing strips suggest my KH is basically non existent, could that be why? And why would that have suddenly changed a year in? I’ve talked a lot but yeah any help would be appreciated, thanks guys. 

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All living inhabitants in the tank will use up the minerals in the tank.  So any any minerals not added back in sufficient supply will deplete.  What size tank? What flora and fauna? Tank parameters?   I would answer those first and you might just have your issue solved.  Snails and shrimp need higher kh for molting etc....Crushed calcium is an easy way to add it.  Not knowing your GH or TDS, I would think you are lacking other minerals as well but do not want to speculate without full results.

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Hey so my this is my test results;

No3 20

No2 0-0.5

pH 6

KH 0

GH 60

My temp is set to 25oc but have just tested it with my digital thermometer and it’s reading at 33oc!

I have a 60L tank with the following fish;

2x Glass Fish

1x African Dwarf Frog

1x Ram

1x Bristlenose

2x Corys

2x Bamboo Shrimp

I also have 1 Amazon sword plant and 2 frogbit floating ontop,

I change about 30% of water a week and use only tapsafe as an addictive, hope this helps.

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More plants. Easy green and Easy Iron help a ton. 
PH is very low. With no KH it could really swing. Get some crushed coral or one of those magic shells made of calcium carbonate. Your shrimp will die with calcium to help them molt. 
i would start there. With the glass fish I don’t think they like higher PH but a bit closer to neutral would be good. The minerals in the water will help it stabilize. Your plants natural processes cause it to swing everyday. Plants consume oxygen at night but produce it during the day. Some tanks get crazy O2 dips at night and PH swings from the acid plants exude. Without minerals to buffer the swings can be even wider in just one day. 

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I am soery to read about the recent losses...Some additional thoughts backing up those already stated: the heater doesn't sound trustworthy...and maybe confirm that your thermometer is accurate too.

Also: I would establish a plan to address that  kh. The tank is really vulnerable to a complete ph crash if no kh to take up ions produced from the nitrogen cycle; it might be slipping even lower at night or other times, as mentioned by Tre. I fill media bags with crushed coral and tuck them in the corners, etc. You can put it in filters or just scatter on the substrate. I think I have read for secure buffering 1 lb of crushed coral per 10 g is recommend.

Also you might check the water out of your tap...sometimes seasonally city water is changed (in my neighborhood, the source of water changes in the summer, and base parameters change).

Most test kits only go down so low on ph, so how sure are you about accuracy there? Might your ph be even lower?

Hope things are looking up


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