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Pogostemon vs. Vallisneria

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Months ago i bought Pogostemon and Vallisneria from co-op. The Val is absolutely thriving and spreading everywhere. The Pogo is barely hanging on. The Pogo looks very thin and stringy. I'm dosing API LEAF ZONE  and API CO2 BOOSTER all most every day. And the substrate is filled with root tabs. Any Idea what is missing that would cause the Val to thrive and the Pogo to not thrive? 

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Plants compete for nutrients, they can wage war on each other releasing compounds to inhibit other plants, as @Mmiller2001indicated the Leaf Zone is covering the Vals needs not the PSO. Options are roots tabs under the PSO although I know @Mmiller2001is not a huge fan of them or add or switch to a more comprehensive fertilizer such as Easy Green or Thrive or the more watered down Seachem Flourish line. Have fun!

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I’d like to piggyback on this thread as I too have a 10 gal tank that can only grow val. I have other 5 and 6 gal cubes where plants do very well including PSOs. In my 10, however, even water sprite, frogbit all die. I give a random squirt of EG in the 10 but not regularly. I’ve given up adding other plants. Would removing some Val help or just up my liquid ferts and root tabs to non val plants?

The photo is older. The sprite died and the Val is now spreading in the front glass like a curtain. Algae is a plenty. 


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