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New from Whidbey Island, WA!

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Just started watching a couple months ago, shortly after a friend gave me his 120gal setup with fish. This has been very helpful. Already had a 55, 30, and a 10. First time using canister filters. Been a challenge for me, but the content here has been great!





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Welcome! I like your tanks. They are begging . . . "more plants, mate!" We tape a cheap black-matte Elmer's cardboard backing from Walmart on the back of our tanks to make everything pop, and provide fish a quiet side to swim up against.

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Welcome to Nermlandia!


My cousin lives/d on Whidbey, I am not sure if he's still there🤔

I'm off FB, and that's how my family keeps everyone updated😆 

I haven't been on Whidbey since I left WA in 2009.

Your tanks are gorgeous!!!! I agree, they need more plants, lol.

Check out @eatyourpeas journal for a really cool idea that I will be replicating if I ever escape the Land of Enchantment. I miss my Salish peeps.

Again, welcome to the forum!

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Welcome to the community!

Your guppies caught my eye right off the bat. Looks like you have quite a colony going. I look forward to more photos of everything! 😄

Pretty sure I've killed over $150 in plants in the last year... They didn't die in vein though, I continue to learn from every loss, every leaf, every melted stem. 🤣

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I didn't know there was another shop near me! I live in Oak Harbor, we have one shop here that's not too bad. I just looked that one up, it's about 30 minutes from me. It looks pretty cool. I'll check it out today! Thanks for the info!

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