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Quick Question.... Fluval Planted 36"


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I might end up grabbing the slightly longer version of this light for my 29G aquarium.  I have the 48" in the hallway for the 75 and needless to say, I'd LOVE to be able to set that tank up.  I currently have a 24" light, which is really 20" on a 30" long tank.  It's..... frustrating with the amount of dead spots.

Can someone who has the Fluval 36" light measure the actual "true" dimensions for me on the LED strip and let me know what it is?  Based on everything I have here it would overhang the tank, but be slightly at or slightly over 30 by about 1/4-1/2".

I'd like to verify it.  If you have a 29G handy as well, I'd appreciate a photo with the light on the tank in the usual position, diagonal as well if possible.

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