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Brown Algae

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I have had my two freshwater tanks for 6mo now. 

I perform 20% weekly water changes and it seems like all of the sudden-out of the blue my tanks are both under algae attack.

About two weeks ago I finally tried using an Algae Remover liquid called "Aqueon Algae Remover" but it almost seems to be making it worse. 

I am assuming they are Diatoms?

I would be grateful for insight to help me get this back to normal. ❤️




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I would definitely recommend against chemicals to fix it. Instead, I would recommend using more live plants. The algae is caused by an imbalance of nutrients and light. So I would say get some more easy live plants. Pothos growing out of the side is a good option too. It is however toxic to cats and dogs IF they eat it. Mine never have so I wouldn’t worry about it. Horn wort and duckweed are other very easy to grow plants. 

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