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At the moment i have a 5 gallon home to 4 male endler guppies, eventually (probably early next year maybe longer) i plan to move them into my 10 gallon (which will be upgraded to a 20 gallon so it will be left spare). 

When this transition happens i plan to add 3 more male endlers (7 total) , but i also want to add a centre piece fish or larger fish, i thought off Bettas (see recent posts) (one that didn't seem aggressive, and was willing to give them back if they did seem aggressive so no one would e injured. but now im aware they are prone to many disease which as a school student i am unable to deal with most the time.)  Im wondering, what would be happy , calm and safe to add to a 10 gallon with 7 male endlers ?  (perhaps just with 4 if i decide not to add any or just under 7)


all suggestions welcome! (Must be aquatic though obviously)

also they don't necessarily need to be big fish. maybe some small ones and make a community?


Tank dimensions : 45 x 32 x 32

heated : 25 Celsius / 77 Fahrenheit  (i can change this up to 27 degrees, if i need to for the added fish)

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Lemme tell you a little story about my Fluval Flex 9. It was going to be a tank for my last Betta fish but I wanted it well established before I added her to the mix. It took a while because it had some bumps in the road and sadly she ended up passing away before I could add her. 

What I want to tell you is that it was around that time I gave up on the idea of a "center piece" fish. I'd already added Ember Tetras to this tank (there are 7 at this time) and had plans to add a Hillstream after my Otos didn't work in there (there is 1 Hillstream). I now have 5 Endler males and 4 Guppy males and it is the MOST fun tank in my house to watch- it is NON STOP action. So I've decided centerpiece GROUPS are my favorite. There are so many beautiful color Guppies and Endlers that there's enough diversity in looks/colors and I can even tell them all apart. The other fish just add more color and activity. As long as there's no overt aggression between the males (which there hasn't been thankfully just a lot of chasing) this tank is the most fun of my 5. Here's a short google video:


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@xXInkedPhoenixXoh i see! 

Maybe ill add some neon tetras then? or guppys like you have done.


the only issue is my male enders are a bit aggressive, they bully each other (everyone gets bullied not jus one) , ive seen a bit of nipping (i believe) . But after research if i add more fish into the tank the bullying will be a lot less centered around a specific fish and there will be less picking, so im not sure if its smart to add peacfull fish to a tank of bully endlers, then again by the time this whokle thing happens they might be calmer


also nice tank you got there, ngl i watched the video twice lol

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Yes 4 might be too few- often the more targets the less bullying as there are too many targets (this is what we call dither fish). You can see in my tank they take turns chasing one or another so nobody is solo'd out. What's funny is there's two in that tank an all silver Endler named NEL (Never Ending Light) and a small orange/red and black Endler I call Flare that are always together, Flare being the pal- they are the only 2 never really involved in the chaos of the others (they're in the bottom right corner most of that video). I'm not even sure if NEL is actually an Endler or a Guppy but they were in the Endler tank and I liked them at the LFS. 

...and thank you for the compliment. 🙂 

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