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Is quarantine necessary for my plants if I am treating the tank with the med trio?

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I am going to buy some plants friday. And next week, I will be getting my 2 apistogramma cacatuoides from a local breeder. 

I usually quarantine my plants for two weeks, but is it necessary since when I will introduce my fish, I will hit the tank with the med trio?

The place I buy my plants at have them in a huge aquarium, but said aquarium is filled with fish/snails. The quality of their fish have been going downwards but if any of them were sick/infected the plants, would the med trio take care of it?

Thank you!

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I would.  Some things like damselfly and dragonfly larva/eggs, planaria, camalanus worms, leeches etc are not going to be killed off by the meds trio. But you will see them hatch in qt. Also if you are opposed to pest snails you will not harm them with the med trio.  

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