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Shortish, grassy-ish, low-light plant suggestions.

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I have this weird little split tank I got at the thrift store. It's dinky, but I kinda like the compact set-up. I'm going to try doing a different color shrimp on each side. For substrate, I've got pea gravel sprinkled with Osmocote Plus and covered with pool filter sand.

I want to put something kinda reedy or grassy along the back. Something like miniature Val would be nice. I've seen Dwarf Sag, Miniature Hair Grass, and Chain Swords. They all look nice. But I'm using the included light in the lid and it's just three little LEDs on each side.

What do you think would grow well in this setup?

(Oh, and I'm going to frost the back.)



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Neat little tank, I can honestly say I've never seen anything like it. I'm setting up a pair of 3.5g and have got my eye on marsilea crenata and gratiola viscidula as low tech carpet plants - no idea if they're going to work for me (given my water, temperature, and lighting - so many variables that aquatic plants are my form of gambling, lol) but I'm probably gonna try them.

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