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I know mulm and algae can look unsightly, but overall they make the biology of the aquarium better by harboring bacteria and helping with the overall 'metabolism' of the tank.


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I have hag long discussions with breeders. Most agree that mulm is of benefit as long as overall water paraders seems kept up on. So while unsightly, I believe it is a great fry and plant food that helps sustain larger bacteria colonies. 

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2 hours ago, Daniel said:

When you see Ivan Mikolji's videos of cardinal tetras and apistogramma in their natural habitat, it looks like what your tank looks like. I especially like the fallen and decaying leaves!

Thats the look I'm going for thank you! 

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Mulm is the BEST! I actually encourage the development of mulm in most of my tanks. So many critters will live in it, it's amazing. I always end up "feeding leaves" into most aquariums. Never have issues with things getting out of balance. The then again most of my tanks have terrestrial plants in them....

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