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5 Month Turtle Tank Update

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Here are the links to my first and second posts about Rips enclosure for those who may want to see how it has evolved. 

Update on the shedding: after almost a month, the shedding had gone down substantially. I also made some changes to the husbandry going on with lighting, diet etc. 


The lighting has proven to be the biggest issue I faced to ensure that Rip was as happy as possible. I switched from the first lamp that featured two bulbs together that were not adequate - to two deep domes with a UVB bulb that was too intense. This caused little Rip to hide away because it could have felt like getting a sunburn for him 😞 

I changed to a long, Reptisun T5HO UVB bulb which required a screen to be adapted so that the light could rest on it. I maintained the heat bulb in a deep dome alongside the UVB bulb. 

I came across some issues with blue-green algae. I added a UV In-Line Filter to my Fluval canister filter. This cleared up all the blue green for a couple of months. The blue green has recently returned and requires some mixing up of the substrate, brushing the glass and some elements like the heater. We will see how that one progresses. 

I created an above water basking area after seeing my turtle climb up onto the filter cover. Straight up free soloing it. I've included a picture for laughs about how he truly does enjoy messing with me. I used a plastic plant pot as a leg/column to the basking area, that I cut a tunnel through for some coverage. I then cut a piece of thick acrylic for the flat landing. I cut edges to go around so that the dry sand I put up there would stay put. I also attached some of the quilting material that Rip proved to like climbing up. He needs to be convinced to climb up but, we will see if he gets more comfortable. 

Rip also got roommates! After months of staring at my boyfriends community tank beside him, we decided to put two of the male White Cloud Minnows to Rips enclosure. This was partly for enrichment and partly because there were too many males stressing out the females in the community tank. Rip was... unimpressed but he does seem happier. One fish actually tail slapped him and he did not even care. 

The next plan in the coming weeks is to start making gelatin smoothie bites for Rips food. He is the pickiest eater alive and to ensure he gets all of his vitamins, minerals and a well balanced diet - I'm going to have to get creative. I plan to mix some mineral and vitamin powders with a chunky smoothie of sweet potatoes, mangoes, dandelion greens, red leaf lettuce and whatever else I can get him to appreciate! All organic, because he's a mess. 







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