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froze my brine shrimp eggs


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Sweet, Thanks all.  Still working on my recipe. Doesn't seem like I have a lot of shrimp after 20 hours or so.  Good i got two cans. LOL.  Watched Your, Cory's, video like twelve times trying to extract knowledge.  Not sure, practice make perfect.  

Thanks again all for the help


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On 5/6/2022 at 10:45 AM, djayz said:

Hello all,

New-be here. So for reasons I'm to embarrassed to say, I ended up freezing my Brine Shrimp eggs.  Wondering if they are still usable?


Never need to be embarrassed, as long as you maintain a healthy sense of humor.

Freezer saved my brine shrimp eggs when our house burnt down. Freezing is no big deal, but heat decimates viability.

Oh, and welcome to the Nerms!!!

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