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Hi folks!

I’m new to the hobby and I’ve really fallen in love with it. I had been thinking of starting up a tank for almost a year before finally committing to it a couple months ago. Currently residing in Washington and have been fortunate to have Aquarium Co-op as my LFS! Everyone at the shop has really been a huge help and I definitely would not have felt as confident getting started without their wonderful assistance!

I quickly scaled up from a 5g betta tank to a 40g breeder community tank once I got hooked, haha. I work in game dev, which is known to have a lot of issues with work burnout, and having this tank in my office while doing WFH has had a huge positive impact on my day-to-day. Being able to turn around when I need a distraction or mental reset and watch all these goofy little personalities interact with one another and enjoy an environment I’ve been able to create for them brings me tons of joy.

Here is how my 40g is looking these days! I won’t be winning any aquascaping awards, but all the fish seem happy 😊 7AEE7150-2D81-4F1E-B1B2-CA640143D017.jpeg.0d0a28e3f46eb38ef5ba65ada24643fa.jpeg


Currently, I have a Plakat Betta named Roman.

Two Honey Gourami named Bea and Lemon.



My Bristlenose Pleco, Peach!



Bruce, a Panda Garra. 



As well as 10 Panda Cory, 9 Harlequin Rasbora, 6 Neon Green Tetra, and a couple Amano shrimp!


I came to the forum when I needed help treating Lemon for an illness shortly after getting her and I’ve been really blown away at how willing everyone has been to share their knowledge and experience.

My experience with the hobby has been so kind and welcoming and I’m so pleased to be here. ♥️


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