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What is your dream fish room build?

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I'm going to twist your 'room' limitation for what I'd be looking for for a 'dream' fish room.

- Standalone building with dedicated heating and AC (constantly keep thinking if I should turn my work shop into a fishroom, but no I won't take that building)

- Copious floor drains

- Concrete floors with some texturing for non-slip

- Dedicated water heater

- Able to support heated RO/DI storage in attic above the room for gravity feeds as to not have to use pumps

- Tanks setup on racks to make isles with rear HOB overflows setup for waterchanges on the rear of the tanks for a no-drill solution (see Greg Sage's setup)

- Multi taps overhead attached to hose reels for RO/DI or tap source water as to never have hoses on the floor or have to turn on water from a tap to fill, just the ball valve on the hose end

- Tanks setup on drip systems to get constant feeds of freshwater

- Ideally a greenhouse on the side of the building so I can keep my greenthumb going outside of just submersed growth and can keep plants grown emersed as well as other tropical plants. 

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