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Do I need a thermometer with my new ACO heater?

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While not impossible, there are some challenges, like water doesn’t let Bluetooth or Wi-Fi go through it. So it would need to have part of it outside the tank.


The second challenge we face is so far we haven’t felt comfortable developing apps. It’s a whole different ballgame. I think we could physically get it working etc, however making apps easy to use is another level. Also we’d want to scope it for future products, the podcast, our website etc. it has cross our mind but then we remember how much trouble the fluval app causes customer service. There is just a portion of people who don’t know how to really use Bluetooth or their phone. 

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FWIW, I'm not super geeked about stuff I have to use my phone to control. I have a couple of bluetooth lights I've picked up at thrift stores. They're neat, but I prefer just having an on/off switch.

I'm not even totally in love with my Feit smart outlets, cuz at least once a week I have to unplug/replug one it cuz it's offline for some reason. If these new heaters had some kind of connectivity, like programmable via the phone I probably wouldn't have bought them.


Actually, who am I kidding. I'd probably buy anything they put out. But this heater seems like a good balance of tech.

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I have a digital thermometer in all my tanks for reassurance. I can see at a quick glance if things are looking right. After my last water change, it only took me an hour to figure out I hadn't plugged the heater back in. 

I've never relied on a heater to tell me what the temp is, even the ones you can calibrate, since they are only telling you what they think they are heating the water to.

I also like to put them in the opposite corner of the tank so I can see what the temp is across the tank and if the water is circulating enough to evenly heat the whole tank.

This is what I use, ordered from Amazon, but you can also do the glass ones from ACO like this one.



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@Cory - Thanks. I have been waiting for someone to notice the hidden feature of the Aquarium Co Op heater.  That’s correct that little label at the plug.  I hate guessing when it comes to unplugging equipment so I make labels.  Well with this heater I don’t need to.


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