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Bacopia Carolina loosing lower leaves

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Not sure why my bacopa is losing its lower leaves, it was doing OK for a time. Using easy green and root tabs in the tank alternating weeks. The root tabs are for the Amazon sword fern and Cripts but seem to help out the whole tank as well.

It is a highly stocked tank and the when I add more fertilizer I need to do more frequent water changes….which I don’t have the time for right now



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Hi, at least to me it looks like your bacopa's growing "leggy", where it looses it's bottom-most leaves as they're farther down than the ones towards the top, and can't photosynthesize enough, so it gets cut. (Similar to how a single store in a chain store franchise may get closed down if no one purchases from it, as it costs more for upkeep than it produces.)

You can prevent this with some pruning to prevent the plant from shading it's own lower leaves out, as well as make sure you have enough light (which you appear to have as the pearlweed (I think?) looks really vibrant). I would replant the top of the current plant, as (at least if I remember correctly) the plant can't generate new leaves from the areas where it's already shed them, then trim the new plant as it grows to prevent the leggy-ness. Love the tank! 

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