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Camallanus Questions


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I recently discovered camallanus worms in my tank. This tank has discus, cardinal tetras, Amano shrimp, and had a German blue ram. Last week I noticed my ram acting different and noticed him bloated with the worms out of his anus. I didn't have much on hand but I tried PraziPro and quickly ordered fritz expel-p. The ram ended up dying, also one of my discus seemed to have a bloated stomach.

Yesterday afternoon the fritz expel-p was delivered, I treated the tank, and now 24 hrs later I have done a water change. My discus is no longer bloated, but I could tell the meds have been hard on the tank. Everyone seemed to be lethargic, I have an air stone running but I suspect the oxygen levels got low. Now that I have done the water change everyone seems back to normal and all are feeding and showing normal behavior.  

My questions are now:

In between fritz expel-p treatments should I do PraziPro?

It is a planted tank, with fluval stratum as the substrate, so its a pain to gravel vac. well. How do you think this could effect my treatment? 

Should I add salt?  1tbl per 5 gallons ok? I mainly have money wart and its never had a big issue with salt in the past. I would rather kill the plants and save my fish if it comes down to it.

Can Camallanus worms jump to humans or other animals such as dogs? (google searches say some worms but I haven't found a defendant yes or no answer) 


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Camalanus worms can spread from my understanding, so you need to be careful with them. Not only with other tanks but with people and other pets. 

As for treating, keeping up with the recommended treatment process would be ideal. Besides that just keep up with water changes as directed by the medication.

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