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Street Food


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In China there was a street food that was a stewed pork, chopped and covered in onions and cilantro served on the Chinese equivalent of sourdough English muffin cooked on the sides of a 55 gallon drum converted to a cooker. I’ve never found anything like it since. 

In Bend we have some pretty strong food carts. Everything from Hawaiian plate lunch to Sushi. There’s a Nepalese/Tibetan place that does Momos and I have to say they come really close to those I’ve had in Chinese occupied Tibet and in Kathmandu. Now I’m hungry thanks folks!

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Street food no matter where I've been around the world is the best. You're rolling the dice with either unknown spices or santitary conditions that might not give you the best night or day after depending where in the world you are and what you order, but I can say it's worth it! Some people want a Michelin star resturaunt on vacation, I'll stick to my street food and the possible side effects. 

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