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Hurt Raphael catfish


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87073A69-6E4E-4C9A-A2A0-A97A19C35D5F.jpeg.26f6a40bf2a8b3a5cbdfd5c3e40b1b92.jpegI noticed this afternoon while feeding and checking on the fish that my spotted Raphael catfish has a wound on its side. In suspect that is is from where he has been hiding during the day by the heater and I believe that  it burned him . Luckily my quarantine tank is empty at the moment so I put him in there to monitor the wound. My question is should I add a dose of Maracyn to the tank or some salt as a precaution or should I just monitor the wound with no meds and keep the water clean and see if it heals up on its own? Any advice would be helpful.

thank you all for your time,


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