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GH and KH on API vs. Aquarium Coop Test Strips

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I really like the Aquarium Coop test strips for Nitrate, Nitrite, and PH, but when I try to read the numbers for GH and KH, I'm having quite a bit of trouble. When I do that test via my API test kit I'm getting 143.2 KH and 161 GH. But with the Aquarium Coop strips I'm having trouble reading the results, because they seem to be indicating readings that aren't on the chart—a very bright purple  and a very dark green. Any thoughts?


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John, I have the same problem interpreting the test strip colors. GH results are a magenta with no matching color on the given scale. I can't even use the value ( as opposed to Hue,) as it is lighter than the colors on the chart.   Messaged the COOP a while back. It was suggested my GH was over 300 ppm. I'll try using other test

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