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DIY Root Tabs

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Two months ago, I started trying my own DIY root tabs, and thought about sharing my experiences. 

First, they are a mix of laterite (red clay), organic potting soil, and a dash of all in one root tabs cracked in half. My thought was/is that the common fertilizer will give immediate nutrition, the dirt will give slower nutrition and the clay will suck in stuff from the water column to give longer term nutrition (I should add that this is in addition to the daily water column feedings on my autodoser).


plant growth: No real difference, I'm still getting good growth from my vals, crinums and madagascar lace, but I can't say this is due to my root tabs. My picker swords are finally growing again, but who knows why, could be just the warmer weather

other observations: My scuds, black worms and pods are loving the new tabs. the flock to the dirt location and I have seen a boom in the population...I bet my fish are loving it. Also, an increase in mulm as some of the dirt shifts upwards through the gravel.

Other tank params: 0 ammonia, nitrite and some nitrates (around .5ppm). 70-76 degree water temps (heater only cuts on during the day as I play with getting plants to flower), 1mm of Flourish and daily and 1mm of Thrive all-in-one every three days (need to up this for more nitrate though,)  and an old marineland light from high-school that's on for 11 hours/day



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