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Excel OK with Nerites and Shrimp?

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Some months ago I had a bad infestation of BBA.  I treated it with Excel for a couple of weekly partial water changes, then stopped Excel and went natural with mollies, nerites, Amanos, and red cherries.  My 130 liter tank has white clouds, Rasbora hets, green neons, black neon, cardinals, a clown Plecostomas, a panda Corydoras, platies, guppies, a honey gourami, and lots of plants.  My weekly water changes are either five or ten gallons depending on how heavily I feed.  For the past month or so, I've gone from one feeding a day to two, to try to get my livebearers to give birth.  It worked for the platies and guppies, but my big fat molly is still big and fat.  The problem is the black beard algae is starting to come back.  My 60+ shrimp and the livebearers are not slowing the growth rate.  I didn't expect much help from the nerites, but they do windows.  I also have a relatively new crop of bladder snails, probably from the heavy feeding, but they aren't helping either.  The Anacharis tips are full of it, the Java ferns are sprouting it, and the Vallisneria is getting it on the parts at the surface.  I seem to recall that there was a reason why I discontinued Excel, but now it escapes me.  Can I safely use Excel without harming my critters?

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I like spot dosing h202 now versus Excel. 15ml per 10 gallons. Just push the snails out of the direct area when applying. The other livestock will move if they need to.

Turn off everything and let the water settle. Paint the area with the h202 and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Then just turn all pumps and such back on. You can repeat this every 24 hours.

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