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Been adding new plants to my tanks!

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So ive been adding plants to my tanks.. 

im wondering how i should keep them very healthy , growing and alive.

do i simply buy specific nutrients? all in one fert?? im not sure.


the plants in my first tank are "melting" or "browing" but its still alive.

the water quality is fine as i got it tested.



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Plant melt is not unusual when putting in new plants- they are adjusting to your tanks. Cut/remove dead or dying leaves so the plant no longer puts energy into them and into newer growth. Ferts are up to you. It often depends on the kinds of plants you are trying. Also if you are new at plants you may want to try all in one like Easy Green from Aquarium Co-op. If you are using planting substrate (like Eco Complete) you don't really need anything for a while (IMO). I am low tech and don't use any fertilizers but I only grow plants that can tolerate these conditions- easy grow plants like Anubias, Java Fern and some others. 🙃

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