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Golden Panda Mollies


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So, did I make a mistake?

I bought 3 male Golden Panda Mollies. I have a 20 long and don't have room for babies. I am realizing now that they are going to outgrow this tank eventually but that is ok since I plan to have a bigger tank when I have the room. My issue is that they seem to be very aggressive with each other over food. They are not bothering the Corys or Otos, except that one of the foods they are aggressive over is the sinking algae wafers I put in for the Corys and Otos. One of them seems to be the worst, but they all are displaying this behaviour.

Tomorrow I will try putting two wafers in, one at each end of the tank and maybe they will settle down?

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On 4/28/2022 at 9:32 PM, PineSong said:

Another strategy might be to put the algae wafer in after lights out. That is what I do for my otos. That way the other fish are asleep and the otos and mystery snail can enjoy the wafer without a bunch of competition.

ok, Thats a thought.  Thanks

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