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Shrimp Uk Plant growing media URGENT (vito plants)

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Hey i bought some incubated (tissue and cell) plants from "Shrimp Uk" , nice and healthy plants, but im wondering if the goo stuff that comes with the plants are harmful to snails?? i ask this because there is one plant that this goo is not coming off of. and i have decided to put it into a snail nano tank i have. is this ok?

the goo stuff im talking about is stated as "growing media" on the pot 

Vito plants



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It's an invitro nutrient source for plants. It can cause algae issues becauses it's densly packed with nutrients for tissue cultures to grow in. Rinsing it in warm tank water should cause it to fall off if you can't get it removed in a sink. Just be sure to do it in a bucket. 

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