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Plants needed on your site

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Sure, it’s easy to get. We just don’t carry it cause it looks nothing like that emersed picture. People want a purple plant. What they get is a green stem plant that they struggle to grow.

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4 hours ago, Lynze said:

If you have Cories and Tiger lotuses, it's really entertaining to watch them use them as hammocks. Sometimes several at the same time in different leaves. 


That is too cute, and your tiger lotus is gorgeous!

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Came today was so excited  this isn’t permanent tank gonna try it in my cichlid tank or/Oscar tank otherwise it’s going in my  46gal community with others hole point of plant planter was for cichlids though @Cory however I know this plant would root fine in my community my question for you sir is can you put banana plants in these or will it not work well?


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