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L134 colony problems :(


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Hey guys just looking for some opinions/ ideas,

I have grown my L134 colony in the past year to 12 fish. for the past 6/8 months the tank was perfect no problems. All the fish did there usual thing hid and eat hid and eat. they have grown out beautifully. fast forward till 2 weeks ago. i made the cardinal sin of not quarantining new pencil fish :(. I noticed the plecos out and about an flashing so I ran to my local pet store and immediately started treating for ick with tetra ick guard. I know i know i didn't get ick x in time.... started last Thursday kept doing water changes and adding more ick guard followed directions to the T. weekend was ok then Monday I lost 2 pencil fish. This morning looked at the tank and had a dead pleco and a dead pencil fish. on lunch ran home and found another dead pleco stuck between 2 caves. I'm at a loss there are no real signs on ick and the dead pleco looked healthy and clean. should i stop and treat for something else??? most of the plecos look like they are back to normal except for one that seems to be always out and it looks kind like there is something up with his eyes.  Any suggestions or word of encouragement are greatly appreciated. and sorry for ranting. 









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