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Best commonly available hair/black beard algea eaters

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I know of SAEs, Florida Flag fish, and Amano Shrimp, but these aren't readily available. When I say commonly available, im talking about your chain pet stores, Petsmarts & Petcos. We are talking Molly's, swordtails, platties, ive even read guppies and honey gourmies? Mind you, im not looking at handling a huge outbreak, im only looking at rounding out my current cleanup crew with a fish that will help with the cause in my community tank. 

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Livebearers do a great deal of work on BBA, but only when it's damaged. If you spot dose (carefully and not all of it at once) with Seachem Excel or H2O2 you will see the BBA turn white. Once it turns a little white, then it will generally get devoured by livebearers. Generally, Molly's take care of the treated white BBA the fastest.

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