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blue green algae (cyanobacteria) bloom


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This is my go to first attempt anytime I've run into cyano:

1) Manually remove as much as you can

2) Do a water change (no more than 50% on larger tanks or 30% on smaller tanks) & vacuum your substrate

3) Before you fill up the tank spot treat the cyano with some H2O2 (don't treat all of it, just the major parts to not over do the dosing)

4) Let the tank sit for 20 minutes prior to filling

5) While you wait rinse your filters with a bucket of tank water to clean the biologicals

6) Fill up the tank

7) Cut the lights for 24-48 hours and reduce feedings. If the tank gets natural sunlight, you might need to wrap it with a towel/blanket/whatever to black it out.

After 48 hours kick on the lights and see how the cyano looks. If you have cyano you can manually remove, do so. If the areas you treated with H2O2 look better, treat another small area with a pipette. At the end of the week do the steps over again. 

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