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Looking for Angelfish


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Just a heads up, you're unlikely to receive a proper answer to your question because the forum rules explicitly state not to promote businesses off of the approved list of vendors. The forum is a leg of Aquarium Co-Op and they've always been transparent about protecting themselves as a business.

AquaBid is the place that I would personally look if I didn't want to wait for AH to restock. That said, AquaHuna restocks quite frequently after meeting the needs of their wholesale clients so you likely won't need to wait for too long. I've bought from AquaHuna a few times now when my local shops couldn't order what I wanted and they've been worth it every time.

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Depending on your experience level and if you are looking for uncommon specific genetics (looks) you might try hobbyists - having said that  all places like the above mentioned aquabid is only as safe/good as the specific seller selling the fish and you have to thread these places with some care (i.e, research the seller).


I'm not a fan of aquahuana since i've gotten a number of defective fishes (fishes with unreasonable level of deformities and should not have been sold) from them but i don't think we are allow to mention other stores so i will refrain from listing more reliable places. Having said that aquahuana fishes are cheap (and their shipping is cheap) so if you are willing to weed out a few bad apples they are ok i guess.

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