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Help! Substrate White Mold?!

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Hey everyone! I have and aquariums my entire life and decided to try something new. I purchased Fluval Stratum Substrate and aquarium seed and sprinkled the seed on the dampened substrate and have kept it wet and was told after it sprouts, to add water. I have tons of sprouts but now it’s covered in what looks like white mold. What do I do? Can I save it? Did I just waste time and money, something intend to do a lot lol. 

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On 4/22/2022 at 7:28 PM, BojiMike83 said:

Then only one I have at the moment as I am not at home 

By "dampened the substrate" do you mean that you did the dry start method and used plastic or something to close up the tank for the seeds to grow?  Can you please clarify a bit of what exactly led up to this point?

Is the tank covered or is their ventilation of some kind?  What seeds did you use?  Did you give the plants air every day or every other day?


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You just went too fast. You just keep the soil damp I use a spray bottle and cover the tank in plastic wrap so no moisture got out. The evaporation would fall back to the soils like rain. I let that plants grow up to a good size and slowly add water. . Very slowy I added about a cup in a 20 gallon tank. I also wants some other plants once the soil hand standing water. I took a week before I added any more water. It was my first time and it worked great. The next tank I decided not to seed and use moss instead and a similar way but I was a able to add water to the top of the substrate when place the mos which was much better than the seed. So that might be a second option. I used moss from my back yard that grew short to the ground. I love it but I don’t know the type of moss. 
min the end I think it was to wet and not covered.

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