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New Fish for the Week 4/25-5/1

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Here's the new stock for this upcoming week after they are cleared from quarantine! As a reminder, most fish are ready to go by Sunday/Monday (depending on how quarantine goes), and we do not put "holds" on any fish mentioned in this post. All fish are sold as a first come first served basis.

As a reminder, if you have any questions on these or other questions related to the store, please email us and do not reach out via PM.


Frogs, Shrimp, and Snails

African Dwarf Frogs

"Blonde" Leucistic Dwarf Frogs

Amano Shrimp

Cherry Shrimp

Orange Shrimp 

Red Rili Shrimp

Blue Velvet Shrimp

Assassin Snails

Asst. Nerite Snails 

Asst. Mystery Snails 


Asst. Koi Females

Asst. Halfmoon Males

Asst. Plakat Males


Koi Angelfish

Apisto. Agassizii "Fire Red"

Apisto. Borellii "Blue"

Apisto. Cacatuoides "Super Red"

German Blue Rams

Blue Diamond Discus

Cobalt Discus

Pigeon Checkerboard Discus

Tiger Turquoise Discus

Yellow Melon Discus

Corydoras and Other Catfish

Bronze Cories

Albino (Bronze) Cories

Panda Cories

Pygmy Cories

Similis Cories

Reticulated/False Julii Cories

Venezuelanus Cories

Dwarf Petricola Catfish (Locally Bred)

Dwarf Anchor Catfish


L056 Rubber/Chubby Pleco

L398 Tiger Stripe Pleco

L081 Stardust Gold Nugget Pleco

Common Otocinclus

Super Red Brisltenoses (Locally Bred)

Calico Bristlenoses (Locally Bred)

Asst. Sized Normal and Albino Bristlenoses (Locally Bred)


Kuhli Loaches

Golden Dojo Loaches


Cardinal Tetras

Ember Tetras

Neon Tetras

Green Neon Tetras

Rummy-Nose Tetras

Black Neon Tetras

Black Phantom Tetras


Cherry Barbs


Celestial Pearl Danios


Chili Rasboras

Exclamation Point Rasboras

Other Cyprinids

Common White Cloud Minnows

Gold White Cloud Minnows


Powder Blue Dwarf Females


Assorted Male Endlers

Assorted Fancy Female Guppies

Assorted Fancy Male Guppies

Red Platies

Black Lyretail Mollies


Threadfin Rainbows

Fork Tail Blue Eye Rainbow


Clown Killifish

Florida Flag Fish




Tire Track Eel

Black Ghost Knife

Schoutedeni Pufferfish

Amazon/South American Puffers

Peacock Gudgeons (Locally Bred)



Black Phan.jpg

Golden Dojos.jpg


Super Red Bris.jpg

Tire Track.jpg

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Love these posts!

Is there ever much interest from your customer base for North American natives besides the Florida Flagfish? Are the laws in Washington State very strict about selling species such as Rainbow Shiners? Or native Darters? Just curious. I know that our LFS out here stays focussed on the bread-and-butter sellers. Neither of our local stores has a temperate / cool water tank. But If it's allowable where you're at, I'd be curious to see if just one tank set up featuring friendly, compatible U.S. natives would garner enough interest to make it worth while. 

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