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Cacatuoides fry care


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This is my first time intentionally breeding fish, and my quarrelsome couple of apistos have successfully had kids. The mother has stopped beating the father half to death, but she still won't let him anywhere near the children. When he comes around to the old cave-stead, she swats the water menacingly with her tail which prompts him to sulk off to his side of the aquarium only to console himself with his comfy, old recliner, favorite glass of bourbon and a healthy binge of his favorite fish-tubers. Oh wait, am I still talking about fish?

Anyway, jokes aside, some questions -

I'm guessing these have been free swimming a day or so now and possible eating infusoria from the java moss and leaf litter. They're hanging out close to the substrate, under the protection of the mother. At this stage, are they old enough for micro worms and/or baby brine?

At what age will they take larger foods?

Do first time fathers eat their offspring?

At what age should I move the juveniles to a grow out tank so the parents don't perceive them as a threat to future spawns?

Any other advice?

I'm not looking for the highest yield at this point. Just want to have a semi-successful first go at this. So any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance!

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I'm more posting this because I've never bred intentionally, but have a busy pair of cacatuoides and would like to watch the thread. I'm getting out and picking up a (10? 20Long?) to grow the next batch of free swimmers that I see. I let the last clutch go feral, but tried to help Mom feed and care for them, so I could see the process. I started feeding frozen bbs (the ziss hatchery and eggs are in my cart for my next co-op order) and cyclops once I could see the little ones actively foraging. That took until the second day that I'd seen them. I can absolutely 100% verify that Dad will snack on the wee babes if he gets a chance, but Mom is a Lion. She would let him in closer than the Cory's, but she maintains a bubble around the kiddos, even with him. As for the rest of your questions, I hope someone with more experience can fill in the blanks for both of us.

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