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Help with bettafish. White cloudy skin tags


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Hello Aquarium Co-Op community! Help! I have my poor betta fish in a 5 gal planted tank. He has white skin tags around gills and now close to the eye. I have tried maracyn because I thought it look like body fungus. Also been using salt to treat the aquarium. I live in a tropical area but the water is usually 78-80 degrees F°. But, I placed a heater and turned it up to 82 F°. When I raised the temperature the first skin tag reduced in size. That was the day before yesterday. Yesterday per se I turned off heater and temperature went back to normal 78-80 F°. Also yesterday I did a sixth day of maracyn treatment without high temperature. Today when I woke up at 7:30 saw what you can see in the picture. I am doing a 50% water change, added salt and raised the temperature. Should I use Ich X? Can this be Ich. I have paracleanse and Expel P. Should I use one of those. Also checked for amonia, nitrites, nitrates and ph and all checks well. He is eating though and that's a good sign. But could you help me 🥺?



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I don't think that's fungal infection it looks more like a bacterial infection what I would do is a course of kanaplex in food and add some Indian almond leaves as they have antibacterial and antifungal properties you will need to add one leaf per gallon to get a beneficial effect check your water parameters just incase something off


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