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Experiment: Can GH be increased with a multi-vitamin


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Background of experiment: I have some cherry shrimp in a planted tank. I hear calcium is good for shrimp and magnesium and potassium are good for plants and that these elements can be observed by measuring GH.

Problem: How can I add calcium, magnesium and potassium to my water?

Hypothesis: If I add a multi-vitamin to my water than it will add these vitamins to my water and I can measure this change by checking GH.

Dependent variable: normal tap water

Independent variable: water with a vitamin 

Independent variable 2: water with a crushed vitamin








Results: After 24 hours, my GH did not increase from this multi-vitamin. Instead, my PH increased from 7.0 to 8.5 and my KH increase from 40 to 180. 

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I just tried something like this in very advised fashion. Popped a calcium tablet in the outflow of the filter in my shrimp tank, I didn't expect it to break down very quickly but after about an hour it was mush and the tank was cloudy did a water change (25%) and cleaned out the filter.

My shrimp have been very active since and quite happy tested my water and the only change is the GH  which is now off the chart.

I'm keeping a tight eye on things but I think I got away with it, might take a more careful approach if I decide to do it again.



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