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  • 4 weeks later...

Stopped by my LFS today. They got in some Lucania goodei (Bluefin killis) with grass shrimp from FL. Didn’t know what to do with them.

You know they came home with me…


Added 2-cups of crushed coral…


A _floating_ spawning mop…


And cleared out this 10-gal for them to do their thing…




The male hasn’t made his grand appearance yet, but I’ll share if he does.


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My adult breeding group of Chrosomus erythrogaster (Southern Redbelly Dace) and 25+ fry at four months old, with half a dozen Etheostoma zonale (Banded Darters) enjoying my little Venturi system.

Staying on top of water changes, and feeding the pigs!


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There was a decently run PetCo I used to go to. They had a pair of those Bluefins in that big open tank they sell their submersed plants out of. I asked if they were surrenders, but it seems they hitched a ride in on one of the plants. That was the first time I had ever heard of them. Maybe it was the depth and thick vegetation, but I really liked the way they hunted around for food. They seemed to behave very naturally.

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Pulled my first 4x eggs from Lucania goodei (Bluefin killi) mop this eve…




Here they are in specimen container with tank water…


Made a mini floating flow-through fry container for these tiny hatchlings…
















I like to add a touch of java moss…


Then just float fry container, and add the eggs. I’ll check every day for a week here and see how many I can add.


The adult fish are eating live BBS and frozen bloodworms readily. Eggs hatch within a week or two, depending on the temperature of the tank water (warmer = sooner).

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Just checking my Lucania goodei eggs. I’ve picked 47x eggs from a mop in ca. 1-week. I can see their eyes 👀 in the eggs — called “eyeing up”…



Fry will hatch in tiny flow-through tray…


Just a trio in here…


Hoping 10x make it for BAP!

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Lucania goodei were my "gateway fish" into the hobby and still one of my favorites.  They showed up in the pond plants at the garden center where I work and it kind of grew from there...  Also how I got my Golden Topminnows.

Very cool to see the hatching process, I've had Lucania for years and never took the time to collect the eggs and hatch them out. 

Great summer tub fish if you don't mind only seeing them when you put them out in the spring and again when you clean out the tub for the winter.

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On 8/31/2022 at 9:41 AM, Odd Duck said:

Remind me, what’s your sex ratio?  Do you think you need to add more males?

It is just a trio. Yes, another male could help. But I’m just doing this for BAP. Got 10x going. This is just a test-run / backup plan. 

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