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Is this fin rot or being nipped?


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Hi. I do not see any white edge or red streak or black discoloration but also I do not see him regrowing the tail either.

Is this fin rot and need to take him out and take care of him with aquarium salt and antibiotic?

Thank you.


PH8, ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 20-30ppm  76F  He is in community tank. He is the only one looking like this tail.



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Thank you. I too am thinking that way but tail is not growing back faster so, I was wondering if there is something I was missing out. Tank mates are bunch of guppies and handful of shrimp and Otto..

When feeding time, sometimes especially female gets aggressive and hash males away or chase but I am not sure if that is happening over and over and not recovering yet.

Only thing I am kind of wondering is when I do water change (which I did 4 days ago 14th), I only dosed a little bit more than regular dosage of stress coat; when I need to add 37ml of stress coat, I dosed only 40ml.

For quick recovery, I should have done 60ml instead (double dose all the way)?

API test liquid one is sometime hard to read. Especially Ammonia and I think it is zero and if anything 0.25ppm (sometimes, hard to tell) But I am certain it was not more than that if there were any.


Nitrate, I could not tell 20 or 30. When I look at it, it look like somewhere near 20ppm but when I take pic, it look like more than 20ppm, I do not think it is over 40ppm (safe zone) though... What level do you read for my Nitrate?


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On 4/19/2022 at 10:39 AM, Guppysnail said:

I agree. Nipping. The overall fin edges look healthy and not deteriorating.  Even the edges of the missing chunks look healthy. My boys have those flowing tails. My girls show them who is boss and nip chucks just like it when the boys are to frisky. 

My Whale skips the tail nipping... She says "No', then she says "NO!" and then she says "I told you no" with a nip of the gonopodium.

@yassy I agree it lloks like nipping and not an infection of some kind. You can add up to one tablespoon of salt per 5 gallons/ aquarium water to make sure the nips don't get infected if they don't look like they are healing quickly.

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