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Enigmatochromis lucanusi


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Any locals (Puget Sound area) interested in these guys? They’re similar to Kribs in almost all regards (care requirements, size, etc.) but prettier (IMHO) especially when they’re getting ready to breed. The females turn a gorgeous, true purple. 

They do seem to prefer a cooler tank, mine stay around 74-76, any warmer and they won’t spawn. The spawning also appears to be cyclical/seasonal. I have also noted that they like to redecorate the tank, namely by moving or chomping plants that they deem not feng shui, so don’t put them in your prized planted tank or you’ll likely regret it. I’ve got Val, anubias, and bolbitis in their tank currently and they all do fine. You’ll notice the theme with the plants though… hardy stuff only! 

Anyhow, my OG pair spawned almost a year ago (ish?) and I’ve been growing the babies out since… rough guesstimate of about 12-18ish of them. They’re not quite mature yet but have colored up and can easily distinguish male/female. They’re starting to get feisty amongst each other so time for them to go to new homes… can do pairs (not guaranteed but by observation only!) or a group. If no interest will sell/donate to the club. Thanks y’all! Any questions welcome. 

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