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Help please what is this?


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I just recently started buying live black worms & I saw this strange thing inside the bag, it was moving around clearly alive with the worms. I’m worried it’s some kind of parasite but I haven’t a clue. Could someone please help indentify what this could be? I really hope I haven’t put my fish family in danger before I noticed! 



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On 4/18/2022 at 10:31 AM, Liliw said:

Thank you for the replies! Anything I should do to take precautions since I was feeding these black worms before I noticed? @Colu @Biotope Biologist @Wrencher_Scott

If you don't have snails or shrimp no worries at all. 

I'm with the rest, fish food. 

I think I would stick with frozen foods from now on though. I say that because I don't know enough to know if I should be worried about what's in live food. Did that make sense? 🙂

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