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Dwarf crayfish digging deep under rock.

R Budds

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One of our crayfish has been digging heavily under a rock. 


It pushed a lot of gravel out from under the flat rock, it's the clean pile without any algae on it.


This is looking at it from the right end of the tank. One is under the rock and one is visible in the java moss


They both seem involved but I'm not sure what's happening. We've had them for 2 months and they've never dug this much before. It only took a couple of hours for it to dig this out. I saw it carrying out a few pieces and pushing them onto the pile but it stopped as soon as I tried to record it. The substrate is SafeTSorb which is quite light for them to move around.

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On 4/17/2022 at 12:44 AM, Ken Burke said:

Are they getting ready to molt?  Seams like a safe place to hide while the exoskeleton hardens up. 

No they've melted several times already. Maybe he just wants more room this time. 

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