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Cryptocoryne griffithii

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I do not know of anyone growing it in the States, or of a vendor.  However I've imported plants from all over the world to the US.  I'm in the process of a similar type of search.  My advice would be to identify a German or Czech vendor, or make contacts there who can help guide you in that direction.  The phytosanitary permits you will need to import the plant are done in very organized ways there making the process pretty easy.  You will of course need a USDA PPQ permit, which the US has made more annoying in the past few years.  It will need to specify species you are importing and the country of origin.  You will need to get that in advance.  One of the easier counties to deal with from SE Asia for random plant imports in my experience is Thailand.  They seem to love plants like the Brits do, but have a far better climate for growing all of the cool tropical stuff.  Good luck with you search, and if you do decide to import and need help walking through the process, please feel free to DM me here.

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