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What is your favorite Nano pellet?

Kathy F

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I have been feeding Royal Guppy Mignon pellet.  I like the food, but I despise the bottle.  It is weird tall narrow bottle so I can't get my fingers inside, I had to steal the scoop from my betta food just to get them out.   Now that the food is getting low, I'm having issues reaching the pellets with the long scoop, so I am switching to something else.   I have smorgasbord of fish I would feed this to mollies, platies, american flagfish, endlers, glotetras, some older fry, glodanios and possibly gold barbs (not sure yet if I'm buying them so maybe not....).   They also get feed krill flakes, tropical flakes, Spirulina flakes as well as frozen foods.  I just like to keep a nano pellet in my rotation of foods.  

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I wrote kelp flakes and I meant krill flakes.
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